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Hawaii Fundraisers 

MasterMind Entertainment is a full-service one-stop shop for event fundraising and event mangement.  


We have helped our customers raise money to meet their goals thru event fundraisers and merchandise sales.  When using our DJ, Sound & Lighting services we offer assistance in finding you discounted and in some cases free options to help you raise more money by off setting your upfront cost.


Here are some examples...


* example (1) 

We had a customer that wanted to throw an event fundraiser and after booking us called and cancelled a few weeks later due to not being able to afford the venue.


We made a few calls and got him a FREE venue that accommodated all his needs and was even nicer than his original location.  


* example (2)

We had a customer that was worried about not being able to get their shirts printed in time for their event.  We made some calls and not only got theirs shirts printed for them in time, but alsow got it cheaper than what they were quoted. 


These examples are a few ways of many we have already helped our customers by giving added value due working with us.


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